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  • CCS University Helpline Number | Chaudhary Charan Singh University Contact Phone No - My result problm
    Soniya saini on 2019-10-20 15:51:13

    Hello mai 2nd year private ki student hu maine last year apni 1dt year complete ki hai lakin mera result collenge me nhi aya hai unhone bola ki enrollment number ki wjah se ruk gya hai university se he milega mai university gyi wha pr sab kam ho gya unhone 15 days ka work day bola hai or mere pas college se messege bhi aa gya hai ki your dak has been recived your reference number 01853877 hai lakin mera result abhi tak ghar nhi aya hai or one month ho gye hai so what the problm sir plz tell me

  • Mark Zuckerberg Contact Email Address Phone Number Office [Facebook] - Help!!
    Aman Tolla Hamda on 2019-10-20 11:41:12

    I am in greatly dangerous situation that I could not sleep totally past nine years!! Shout of Aman Tolla Hamda for help to the world for emergency and dangers!!!!!!!!!! Barack Obama time they have jailed me in Ethiopia and studied my history to judge me in terrorism but found to be false!! Falsely they say that I am a terrorist of Oromo Liberation Front!! They ordered experimentation on my brain during Prime Minister Melles Zenawi!! And still I could not sleep since that beat!! Shout of Aman Tolla Hamda for help to the world for emergency that I could not sleep past nine years!!!!I couldn't sleep for nine years since that experiment and imprisonment!! Life has become hell for me and I tried for many suicidal deaths!! Truly Ethiopian officials are behind this beat and imprisonment and public humiliations!!Probably America blamed Ethiopia for this act!! Ethiopian officials jailed and humiliated in public and tortured clearly!! They have arranged public attacks and public imprisonment! Shout of Aman Tolla Hamda for help to the world for emergency dangers!!!! Totally I could not sleep for nine years after Ethiopia attacked me in public humiliations!! This time EPRDF scrambled to get support from public by humiliating me and small support for public!! Also they experimented over me in central prison; that time I am seeking MSc degree in chemical engineering from IIT Delhi University of India!! They fought me with modern brain spying device; and mechanisms and public humiliations!! They have destroyed me with also cyber computer that speaks!! It is Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front central command that ordered the orders!! They have garbaged me heavily!! Every of their beat is every sick and caused great moral public humiliations and sleeplessness/ insomnia. For this reason I developed sleeplessness!! They have experimentalized over me like monkey and mice!! And all kinds of experiments!! Social; natural; religions; politics; philosophy; physics; communication journalism etc. experiments!! People of the world hear me it is ordinary police in Ethiopia that put me in hell. And experimented over me their experiment is general and all inclusive!!!!! In the past nine years they could not stop their experiments especially Ethiopian ordinary political peoples and polices!! They have tried to spy my brain!! They experimented over my brain!! Ordinary individuals have beaten me like a mad dog!! Ordinary political peoples and militaries have beaten me and made me sleepless!! I have been treated at different mental hospitals of the country by false medicines!! No insomnia treatment in country no original medicine for my fatal insomnia!! I could not get any medicine to recover for nine years!! They have needed to beat my brain!! USA Obama might have blamed the mad OPDO puppets of Melles; has told me that I cannot be rescued from sickness and death!! Please Help Me My Mobile is +251933630919!! Email Address is [email protected]!! Shout of Aman Tolla Hamda for help to the world for emergency dangers; totally I did not sleep past nine years even for a second!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In world record there is a man that stayed for eight days without sleep only but I lead a dangerous totally sleeplessness for nine years!! Currently I am living in Asella, Arsi!!

    Yeroo san Finfinnee Ma’ikalaawitti na hidhanii na dhaananii na gidirsan!!Torch na godhan korreentiin!! Gidiraa hamaa narraan gahanii ergasii hin rafu daqiiqalleef sekondilleef!! Yeroon sun 2003Ethio Calendar. Balaa hamaa keessa jira!! Hospitaala Sammuu Amaanu’elittis waggaa saddeetii hordofee homaa faaydaa hin qabu!! Yaalli dhibee hirriba dhoorguu biyya keessa hin jiru!!Hospitaala Adaamaa fi Asallaallee hordofee homaa naa hin goone!! Kiniiniin nama raffisu hin jiru!! Hanga amma yeroo kanaatti gidiraa guddaa keessa jira!! Mee Aadunyaatti naaf himaa!! Qaama na gargaaruu danda’u! Maaloo anillee Oromoof falmadha jedhee kanaan na ga’anii!! Ameerikaa fi Awrooppaa qorichi hirriba nama raffisu hin dhabamuu!! Homaa rafuu hin dandeenne erga Mallasa Zeenaawii illee yoo sanitti quba qabaa ture!! Aaddunyaatti iyyaa torchii ta’ee hirriba rafuu dandeenne jedhaa naaf iyyaa!! Adda Bilisummaa Oromoo illee wajjiin qabsaayee!! Naaf Birmadhaa!! Erga hirriba na dhoorgee waggaa sagalii erga akkana na godhanii maaloo Oromoonni aaddunyaa qaroomatetti naaf iyyaa!! Maqaan kiyya AMAAN TOLAA HAMDAA ti Bilbilli kiyya 251933630919 dha iimeeliin koo ammo [email protected] dha!! Maaloo naa birmadhaa!! Kan balaa kanaan na gahan 2003 ALI ti!! Azaaba keessa jira dhiiroo naa iyyaa!!!!!!!!!!!! Bakki an amma jiraadhu Magaala Asallaa Godina Arsiiti!! Interneetii illee irratti maxxansaa naaf iyyaa maaloo!! Maaloo tasumaa sakandiif illee hin rafuu Ameerikaa fi Awrooppaatti naaf iyyaa!!!!!! Azaaba keessa jira!! Gubata keessa jira!! Seenaa ilma namaa keessatti guyyaa saddeetii qofa namni xaaliyaanii jiraatee du’e!! An immoo waggaa sagaliif osoo hin rafin jiraadhe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Erga waggaa sagaliitii sekondiif illee rafee hin beeku!!. Yaaliin hirriba dhabuu biyya keessa kiniinni hin jiru. Maaloo Oromoof jedhee haga kana miidhamee na gargaaraa!! An kan itti hidhame ma’ikalaawiidha!! Kan gidirfames kophaa dha!! Hojii irraallee yeroo sadii na buqqisan!! Naannoo an jiru hundatti na butaa turan na dhaanaas turan!! Amaanu’el fi hospitaala Adaamaa akkasumas Asallaa waggaa saddeetii hordofee qorichoota sobaa insomnia hin yaallee fi hin madaalle fudhachaa ture!! Biyya keessatti namni dhibee hirriba dhoorguu qabu ana qofa fakkaata!! Yeroo ammaa Asallaa Arsii jiraadha!! Qorichi insomnia biyya keessa hin galuu naaf iyyaa akka galu!! Waggaa sagalii hirribaan alatti dabarse!! Maaloo waldhaansi naaf haa godhamuu mootummaalee alaaatti naaf iyyaa!!!!!!!!!! Biyyattis naaf iyyaa Azaaba keessa jiraa!! Warri insomnia yookaan dhibee hirriba dhoorgu qaban akka kunuunfamuu biyya keessatti danda’an naaf godha!!!! Hirriba malee nabseen jiraachuu hin danda’amu guyyaa sadde caalaa an garuu waggaa sagal jiraadhe!!

  • Abaj Customer Care Toll Free Number Abaj LCD LED TV Speaker Service Center, Complaints - Led blackscreen problem
    on 2019-10-20 09:58:20


    Mere pas abaj compny ki Imperia led tv Model no.LM4004 ki tv jo ki 2017 me purchase kiya tha uska display nhi aa raha hai blackscreen hai sound bas aa raha hai, main dist seoni mp -480661 me rehta hu plz kuch advice kare ki wah kaise theek ho payegi.
    Thanking you.

    Dhananjay Naidu.

  • Levi’s India Customer Care Number, Toll Free Helpline & Office Address - Return policy
    Anurag Tiwari on 2019-10-20 08:25:06

    Dear sir, I was purchased a Levi's denim jacket from your store but due to some reason. I m not satisfied from your jacket. Now, o want to return your jacket and receive my money back. What's the return policy of product.....?

  • TVS Credit/Finance Customer Care Office Address, Contact Number, Complaint and Reviews - Best location for our office
    Pravin Sharma on 2019-10-20 07:35:15

    Office space for rent in Paratwada dist , AMARAVATI MaharashtraBest

  • Vivo Service Center Office Address, Haridwar - For display
    saurabh gambhir on 2019-10-19 21:53:25

    Plz tell me when i will get the display of vivo v17 pro i ordered it on 07th of october

  • American Tourister Service Centre in Nashik - American touristor 75cm
    Deonath Banass Lokhande on 2019-10-19 13:57:01

    All wheels covers are damaged and removed .hence thier diameters r reduced to hub size. We requirs refitting n replace of that covers .pl contact us as we are travelling abudhabi. 5 years old bags.big in size

  • BSNL Service Center Address Alappuzha - excess bill amount
    MEDICAL OFFICER IN CHARGE on 2019-10-19 10:54:42

    bill details
    phone no : 047902482509
    account no: 9027984553
    invoice no ; SDCKL0033676493
    invoice date : 06/10/2019
    late fee 19.19
    we idin't have any pending payment agaist the above said land number. but bill for september include a late fee of rs 19.19/- we couln't pay that amount . kindly produce correct bill .
    yours faithfully

  • Snapdeal Customer Care Patna 0921-2692-126, Bihar Snapdeal Helpline Number - Clearficiation about winning first prize in snapdeal offer
    SAHITYA KONDILYA on 2019-10-19 10:08:27

    Today a call though Mobile No, - 7250740286 came in by mobile number 9262226517 in the name of Mr. Nitin Kumar with designation of Senior Executive Officer in Snapdeal. He said that I have won first prize in snapdela scheme of Tata Motor Four Wheeler Vehicle. The vehicle rate is Rs. 12,60,000/-. If you are interested to take the vehicle you will pay Rs. 25,200/- 50% Rs. 12,600/- for registration in online snapdeal account or if you are interested to take cash money of Rs. 12,6000/- to paid Rs. 6,500/- through snapdeal account through online under 48 hours for some technical process. Is it correct or wrong kindly as earlier guide me.

  • Kevin Customer Care Toll Free Number Kevin UPS Battery Inverter Solar Systems Service Center, Compla - Inverter Not working-OASIS DIGITAL H-UPS 850 VA
    LAKSHMIPATHIREDDY GOVIND on 2019-10-19 04:44:50

    Inverter Not working-OASIS DIGITAL H-UPS 850 VA

    Request to help me on this to resolve this issue.


  • Vinod Cookware Customer Care Number | Vinod Pressure Cooker Non Stick Dinner Set Complaints - Pressure cooker issue
    Shobhana Subramanian on 2019-10-18 19:50:17

    I have purchased a Salem stainless steel clip on cooker of Vinod cookware but during cooking the steam releases from the side of the cooker,causing pressure is not made on the whistle.please guide me how can I use it properly

  • Vivo Service Center Office Address, Kollam -
    Kamal. on 2019-10-18 17:35:35

    I bought a vivo s1 one month ago. Now its headset is not properly working. It's sound decreased. And there is a variation in two ears

  • NPCI Customer Care – Helpline Number | Get in Touch, Toll Free 1800 Complaint - For new bank account linking with NPCI portal.
    Pravin Pavhane on 2019-10-18 11:06:56

    Respected sir,
    I am Pravin Bhausaheb Pavhane. My aadhar no is 246384467990.
    Sir I have opened a new bank account in Canara Bank, Wagholi branch Pune. My bank account number is : 0181101027017
    My older bank account which was linked is currently inactive, so I am unable to recieve my scholarship amount.
    Sir kindly link this bank account with the NPCI portal, for recieving my scholarship amount.
    I have submitted all the required documents with the bank. So sir kindly update the same as soon as possible.

    Pravin Pavhane
    A/C NO. 0181101027017
    Mob no. 9552391119

  • Snapdeal India Contact Number, Customer Care Office Address, Email - Regarding Titans watch
    Taranjeet kaur on 2019-10-18 10:33:35

    Baru sahib h p code num 173001 is home delivery in baru sahib

  • Nerolac Paints Customer Care Number | Get In Touch – Kansai Nerolac Toll Free No - 7359215094
    Raju bhai on 2019-10-18 09:46:28

    After two years has been points not added in my nerolec company account not was point after two years eny offer given by nerolec company
    I buy the product sumthing [email protected] rupees nerolec prospect
    So I heartily requisite u this deewali gift mi by nerolec company
    Raju pentre

  • Zebronics Service Center Muzaffarpur Customer Care Number - Ups
    Rajan on 2019-10-18 05:32:26

    Ups kharab ho gya hai banwana tha contact number is not available plzz 7488629080 call me thnq

  • Paytm Customer Care Number - My order Kasari online shopping shoes all ready patyam 499 rupish risived but not my riseved service my house
    Raval Hiteshkumar shantilal on 2019-10-17 10:45:36

    Pls My order ricrved my house.... Kasari online shopping shoes 499rupiesh patyam service order date. October 01/10/19 order number #1025684 ,,,, 143286298 pls help you

  • Passport Seva Kendra Lucknow Office Address, Contact Number, Complaint and Reviews - Rai
    Rahul Kumar Rai on 2019-10-17 08:38:49

    Sir main rahul Kumar Rai s/o arun Rai sir mai ne 12july 2019 passport ke liye aplay ki aur mera police verification 4/10/2019 pura ho gai hai lenki ab tak mera passport nahi mila hai aap se vinti hai ki is sambandh me jaruri karvaye kare taki meri samasya saadhan ho sake is ke liye main aap jivan bhar aa bhari rahunga

  • Passport Seva Kendra Kottayam Office Address, Contact Number, Complaint and Reviews - Extortion in passport seva kottayam
    Vipin viswanath on 2019-10-17 05:13:04

    Respected sir,
    My name is vipin viswanath, resider of puthuppaly kottayam. I am writing this compliant because of an extortion that i faced in passport seva kottayam on 14 -10-2019. I had appilied online for my passport renewal. Now i will come to the point. Contract staff who is verifying and taking photo ask me to pay
    Rupees 400 for a pouch. When i ask him is it mandatory he me convince that it is mandatory for passport safty. Then i told him i dont have any money with me. He ask me to go out and take money from near by ATM. I go out and took money and give him then only he give me my papers back. And the main extortion happens then... he did note give me the pouch and as he told me that you will recive it along with new passport. Wen i walk around. I saw another staff takes only 50ruppes for postal charge.
    Please take nessasary action who extort my money... and please let others know about this

    Nb:as i enquire about pouch its told that it is note realated to goverment.
    Yours faithfully
    Vipin viswanth

  • Republic TV Phone Number | Head Office Address | Contact Number | Email id - Thaga mahesus Kar Raha hu
    Shivanand Tiwari on 2019-10-17 04:43:40

    Maine ek DL apply kiya tha gonda me dalal ke thro jo 9 months ho Gaya ab kahe Raha hai ki Babu kah rahe hai aap Ka lisecence nahi ban payega to Maine pucha ki kyo nahi ban payega to usme Kaha ki ab DL Nahi ban Raha hai jab shuru hoga tab banega Maine usko 2000 learning Ka Diya tha to 4 months me learning Bhai Nahi Mila Uske baad light karane ke liye 3000 liya fir ab kahe Raha hai nahi ban payega
    Plz help me