Complaint Account blocked suspicious order

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    vickie M hunt on 2020-05-17 04:23:57

    I tried to go into my Amazon account.. I receive a message:
    A suspicious order was placed from your account and due to security reasons your account has been blocked.. Please call 1-844-622-2022, to reactivate your account.. The person was hard to understand and had a foreign accent.. He ask for email and last 4 digets of my Social Secuirty # . Static on the phone felt it was a scam.. I ask him to send me an regular mail letter about this hacking.. He said he could not.. Several people thinks it was a scam.. We can't TRUST anyone any more... is this 1-800-3009-9009 a scam he called my home phone which I had given him.. this was the number that showed up.. The order was from OHIO for a Mac Book & Credit Card he said for $ 3,200.00 to 4,200.. I said I hope you business has enough sense to NEVER fill an order when the address has been changed... Please let me know if this was a SCAM.. Is my account OK.. I use AMAZON a LOT.. I don not want to have to stop....