Complaint Scam In VTU (Vishweshwaraya Technological University), Karnataka, India

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    Ranjan.P. Revankar on 2018-10-05 17:48:01

    To the Times Now Channel,. Education is important for all the citizens of our country. But Education is becoming a Business for Education Boards. They are not making Business out of it but also destroying the precious future of students. The Scams are happening in Technical and Medical Board. But there are more Scams in Technical Board. These Scams are happening more in Karnataka. In Karnataka the Technical Board are highly Corrupted. The Technical Board Of Karnataka includes like VTU (Vishweshwaraya Technological University). This University has spoiled students future by failing them in many Exams. The VTU Head Quarters is located in Belgaum, Karnataka, India. So we want to take some strict action on this Technical University called VTU. Please take action on this by now.