Complaint The Peaceful State Karnataka is in danger

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    Ranjan.P. Revankar on 2018-07-27 17:32:58

    The Karnataka is the only Peaceful State. It is the only State where there is too much of Software Companies. The State where Software Companies are found in India is Karnataka. This is the only Largest Southern States Of India. But this State is in big danger. The People Of Karnataka are in big worry. The reason for worries is that the Karnataka State may get divided. This reason is creating fear among the People Of Karnataka. There are some Activists who are Anti-Karnataka. These Activists want Karnataka to be divided into two parts. These Activists are mainly in Northern Parts Of Karnataka. The agenda of these Activists is to separate Northern Parts Of Karnataka to be Separate State. The reason for all this is due to Karnataka CM H.D Kumara Swamy. The H.D Kumara Swamy started his own Farmers Budget. His Farmers Budget was active in the Regions like Hassan, Tumkur, Ramanagara, Chanapatana, Mandya, Mysore etc. These are the Regions where JDS won in Elections.The BJP won in the Northern Parts Of Karnataka. H.D Kumara Swamy Budget is revenge against BJP. That's why his Budget his not working in the Northern Parts Of Karnataka. He is doing too much careless in the Northern Parts Of Karnataka. Due to all those reason, the Activists in Northern Parts Of Karnataka want Karnataka to be divided into two parts. The Activists are demanding for Separate State. This situation is like the situation happened in Andhra Pradesh. The Andhra Pradesh was divided into two parts for creating a Separate State called Telangana. The same situation is taking place in Karnataka. Also these Activists are demanding for North Karnataka Bandh for creating Seperate State. This Bandh will be held on August 2nd. Please your News Channel should take strict action against these Activists. This message should be sent to our Respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Please now only take strict action against the Activists.